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13 Jan

Free Stock Footage Update: New York City

We’re back with another update to the Videvo library and this time it’s a big one – the Big Apple to be precise. Yes, it’s New York City. We’re delighted to offer 134 brand new clips of the city...
25 Sep

Web Review:

It’s not very often we post about a single website in a review, but in this case, we were so impressed with the offering that in this edition (possibly because we love free stock assets) we thought we’d give...
25 Jul

8 Websites Every Filmmaker Should Know About

As you’re probably aware there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites and blogs out there dedicated to filmmaking and video production. It goes without saying then that choosing which ones are worth following can be somewhat of a...

Category: Blog, Web Talk

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20 Apr

Getting The Best Audio For Video

When it comes to video, having great audio is crucial. You may well have a creative visual masterpiece but if there is no enticing audio to round off the sensory experience then you may not be getting the most...

Category: Blog

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10 Jan

Using Stock Footage for Website Backgrounds

The New Age of Web Design: Video Backgrounds and Headers They say a picture paints a thousand words. If that’s true, then what about video? In this article we explain the benefits of using stock footage to add a video background...
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