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Sound effects

Find Free Sound Effects for Podcasts

When we think of podcasts, we typically think of voiceovers and theme songs. We might hear music when we’re transitioning between segments, and there’s usually an intro and an outro song. But is that all you need? Podcasts rely almost…

Free rain assets

18 Free Rain and Storm Assets

Need rain or rain effects for your project? Here are 18 free assets from the Videvo library — all yours! Whether you need a light shower or a relentless thunderstorm, we’ve got the rain sound effects, rain video clips, and…

Premiere Pro crash

How to Stop Adobe Premiere Pro from Crashing

Despite its many advantages, Adobe Premiere Pro has a habit of crashing. Here’s how you can solve the problem. Adobe Premiere Pro is popular — very popular. Even in an ever-expanding landscape of competing NLEs and other platforms, it remains…