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Camera movement

The Power of Camera Movement in Visual Storytelling

Most of the audience doesn’t think about camera movement when watching a film, but as filmmakers, we understand there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes pre-production and production work that happens to make a shot iconic. A well-planned and well-constructed camera move…

Christmas List

Free Christmas Music and Sound Effects

Spruce up your Christmas projects with free video clips and sound effects — and have a peek at our premium library! At Videvo, we know how busy the Christmas season can be. Whether you’re working on a project for a…

Freebie cover

Freebie Roundup: The Top Videvo Freebies of 2022

Freebies, freebies everywhere! Here Are Our Favorite Free Asset Roundups of 2022. As the end of the year creeps closer and closer, it’s a good time to look back and make sure you’ve grabbed every filmmaking freebie you possibly could.…

Corporate Presentation

20 Free Creative Assets for Presentations

Presentations are a fact of life. We see them in almost every industry around the world. From training videos to TED talks to public service announcements — whether we like it or not, presentations help us make sense of the…

Sound effects

Find Free Sound Effects for Podcasts

When we think of podcasts, we typically think of voiceovers and theme songs. We might hear music when we’re transitioning between segments, and there’s usually an intro and an outro song. But is that all you need? Podcasts rely almost…

Free rain assets

18 Free Rain and Storm Assets

Need rain or rain effects for your project? Here are 18 free assets from the Videvo library — all yours! Whether you need a light shower or a relentless thunderstorm, we’ve got the rain sound effects, rain video clips, and…