Find Free Sound Effects for Podcasts

When we think of podcasts, we typically think of voiceovers and theme songs. We might hear music when we’re transitioning between segments, and there’s usually an intro and an outro song. But is that all you need? Podcasts rely almost exclusively on the acoustic experience you can provide, so why leave sound effects out of your audio soundscape.

With the right sound effects, you can help your listeners navigate your content. You can guide them into particular moods or emotional states. You can even help them identify important takeaways or conclusions.

Using sound effects is a subtle practice. You want them to enhance the listening experience without distracting from it, so when you’re browsing for effects, consider “how much” effect you need. Do you need the loudest thunderclap you can find, or will something that sounds off-in-the-distance suffice. Do you need a buzzer sound effect to indicate the stoppage of time, or perhaps some rain sounds to create a soft background? Each sound effect contributes to the larger orchestration, so think about how they’ll fit within your soundtrack, your audio production, your style, and your personality.

To help you get started, we’ve curated these lists of completely free sound effects for podcasts — use them however you like. And if you need more, come take a look at our full library — whatever sound effect you’re looking for, we’re bound to have it.

Rain Sounds

Speaking of rain sounds, here are some of our favorites. Use them well!

The trick to using sound effects in podcasts is to determine “how much” sound you need. Should you go big, or will something more subtle do trick? (Image via Freepik.)

☔️ Rain Sounds

Nature Sound Effects

Everybody loves a good nature sound effect. These sounds can soothe us, put us on edge, or pull us out of our busy lives. They’re a great way to evoke drama, or they can dissolve the technology, the traffic, and the tumult that surrounds us every day.

Nature sounds include all kinds of cool sound effects. Bird sounds effects, rain sounds, sounds of the wind — anything from nature can either calm our nerves or put us on edge. (Image via Freepik.)

🌲 Nature Sound Effects

Drum Sound Effects

Drums are, perhaps, one of the most widely used sound effects. They can build suspense, they can create a crescendo, they can evoke creeping doom, or they can even indicate victory. There is a drumbeat for nearly every human emotion and experience.

Using them in your podcast is easy — just be sure they don’t clash with any other music tracks. Used on their own, drum sound effects usually pair best with other isolated sound effects, like the nature sounds above, or even funny sound effects (when the occasion calls for it).

Drum sound effects can evoke nearly every human emotion. (Image via Freepik.)

🥁 Drum Sound Effects

Cover image via Freepik.

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