18 Free Rain and Storm Assets

Need rain or rain effects for your project? Here are 18 free assets from the Videvo library — all yours!

Whether you need a light shower or a relentless thunderstorm, we’ve got the rain sound effects, rain video clips, and rain (or rain-related) motion graphics you need for your project.

In this roundup, we’ve collected a variety of our favorite assets to serve a range of creative needs. Download them all, and start your own asset library — there will be more where these came from!

Sound Effects

Rain sound effects
(Image via Freepik.)

The sound of rain has a calming effect on just about everyone. The sound of drops hitting the window, or thunder pealing in the distance, makes us want to stay inside, stay dry, and stay in bed.

Rain sound effects are excellent background elements, but they also work well as foreground cues if you want to invoke a particular mood in your audience. There are tons of rain sound effects in the Videvo library, but here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

Video Clips

Rain video clips
(Image via Freepik.)

Rain videos and raining video backgrounds are perfect ways to set a sombre or contemplative mood in your video projects. Whether you need a rain video to accompany the latest episode of your podcast on YouTube, or maybe some rain videos to create background videos for your own stab at the Poor Man’s Process, we’ve got just about every variety of rainy video you can think of.

Here are just a few to get started. And after you’ve downloaded these, head to the library for a few more options.

Motion Graphics

If you’re looking for an animated background or a way to bring some animated effects into your project, these rain-related motion graphics are the perfect way to create your own storm.

Rain motion graphics
(Image via Freepik.)

Bonus Footage

What list of free creative assets would be complete without a little something extra? Here are three free videos from our Freebie Friday series. Subscribe to the channel, and get a new free clip every week.

Cover image via Freepik.

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