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Movies to Watch in 2023—A Filmmaker’s Guide

2023 promises a glut of amazing films, franchises, and features. Here’s what filmmakers and cinephiles should be looking for. Let’s get ready for a new year of cinematic experiences. Here’s a rundown of what we’re looking forward to in 2023.…

Eyes Wide Shut

Top Ten Not-Christmas Christmas Movies

There’s one thing the movies have taught us, and it’s that the holidays are much more complicated than Frank Capra would have you believe. Jimmy Stewart makes it look like all you have to do is be a little nicer,…


A Creative Guide to Upskilling as a Freelancer

The global economy has been experiencing an ongoing sea change since the disruptions of 2020. What does that mean for freelancers? We’ve seen the realization across multiple industries as creative types have gone from “Hey, I can work remotely!” to…