Welcome the End of the Year with our Winter Landscapes Videvoscape

At long last, another year is coming to an end. All of the successes, challenges, struggles and achievements that have defined the year for each of us are settling into a quiet, winter slumber — awaiting a fresh year and a new season.

Winter is a time of reflection. It’s an opportunity to hunker down in our homes, gather with our friends, and think about everything that has brought us to this moment. Snow blankets the countryside, and everything is quiet and bright. But if you live in a city, or if you just can’t see winter’s powerdy snow, then we suggest the next best thing — our latest Videvoscape, “Winter Landscapes.”

We’ve curated two hours of high-definition wintry landscape videos to help calm your mind and soothe your soul. With a minimal, haunting soundtrack, this latest Videvoscape brings the spirit of the cold season straight through your computer.

And when you’ve mellowed out to this Videvoscape, we have more in the queue for you. Head over to our channel and subscribe for the latest and greatest in ambient video and chill tunes.

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