About Videvo – Free Stock Footage and Motion Graphics

Videvo offers completely free stock video footage and motion graphics for use in any project. Our no strings attached approach has helped us grow to be one of the most reputable sources for free footage anywhere on the web. We are a small team based in Oxford, UK, dedicated to producing and sourcing some of the best free video footage the web has to offer. Founded by Tom Limb in 2012, Videvo has grown steadily to a point where we can now say (with some degree of certainty), that we are the largest online resource dedicated to free HD stock footage and motion graphics. The site continues to grow steadily, which is allowing us to dedicate more resources to adding fresh new content, as well as making improvements to the overall user experience. With this in mind, if you enjoy the site please share us with whoever you think could benefit from knowing about what we do. By increasing our user-base, it allows us to reinvest in new free footage, free motion graphics and site upgrades – so with a simple share, you can help Videvo grow.

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Simple, Hassle-Free Licensing

One thing we made sure of from the outset was to simplify the licensing of our clips to minimise confusion for our users. We have developed our “Videvo Standard License” for this very purpose, and for any clips licensed under there is no need to credit the original author, which can sometimes be a hassle in a production. The only thing we ask is that you do not make our clips available for download elsewhere. The second licensing option we implement is the Creative Commons 3.0 license, which states that you can use the clip(s) for any production (commercial or non-commercial) as long as you credit the original author.

Our Aim:

Videvo started as a relatively simple idea with one goal in mind: to become the world’s #1 source for free stock footage and motion graphics. Whilst we can not yet say if we have achieved our goal, we are certainly on the right path to doing so. Much of the footage you’ll find on the site is produced by us, but there is an increasing number of clips now being uploaded by members who want to give back to the community. This concept of community sharing and helping others is our eventual end-goal for the site; by creating a system for free exchange of video clips as well as help and advice through the forums we will be helping videographers to grow their talent, share ideas and network more effectively.

A Great Educational Tool

As well being a great resource for video production companies, Videvo is also a great educational tool for teachers and students alike. With our large library of free footage, finding practise footage to edit with has never been easier. As well as b-roll, we offer a number of production elements and motion graphics that can be used to demonstrate chroma keying, alpha-matte overlays and transitions.

Got An Idea for Videvo? We’d Love to Hear From You!

If you have had a brainwave about how we could do something better we’d love to hear it – you can email us at hello@videvo.net or alternatively hit us up on Twitter @Videvo


If you’re wondering who helps us grow: eJump, a Bucharest-based team of web designers and developers, has been coding, redesigning, upgrading and making fine adjustments to our site in order to make Videvo the largest online resource of free stock footage and motion graphics for our users. Check them out!