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Ultimate Victory - 30s Winning Sports Themes

Documentary | Confident, Respectful, Elegant, Bold, Strong, Proud, Anticipating, Competition, Joyous, Action, Inspiring, Satisfied, Media, Epic, Achievement, Patriotic, Motivating, Jingle, Documentary, Fanfare, Olympic,


126 BPM

No Way Out Trailer Trax

Drama & Film Scores | Anxious, Intense, Thriller, Suspense, Threatening, Brave, Anticipating, Action, Trapped, Adventure, Expectant, Mystery, Hesitant, Defiant, Afraid, Epic, Frantic, Distressed,


145 BPM

Dream Sequence - Alt Mix Film & Fantasy Music

Romantic | Tender, Elegant, Subdued, Free, Anticipating, Romantic, Melodrama, Inspiring, Innocent, Expectant, Mystery, Fantasy, Underscore, Vocal,


42 BPM

Hair Trigger Winning Sports Themes

Sports | Confident, Determined, Bold, Excited, Intense, Hostile, Strong, Anticipating, Competition, Action, Aggressive, Defiant, Achievement, Motivating, Arrogant,


110 BPM

Soothing Whispers - 60s Falling in Love

Children | Tender, Patient, Respectful, Affectionate, Relaxed, Subdued, Anticipating, Nostalgic, Children, Tranquil, Romantic, Melodrama, Innocent, Hesitant, Apologetic, Jingle,


90 BPM

Nothing Is Impossible - 60s Blue Collar Heroes

Corporate | Confident, Optimistic, Determined, Positive, Ambitious, Strong, Proud, Competition, Inspiring, Technology, Expectant, Achievement, Motivating, Productive, Business,



Shaken Not Stirred - Alt Mix Film & Fantasy Music

Classic TV & Film | Confident, Determined, Bold, Intense, Thriller, Suspense, Brave, Strong, Proud, Anticipating, Competition, Action, Adventure, Melodrama, Mystery, Defiant, Fantasy, Underscore,


122 BPM

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