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The same content, from the same artists, with the same royalty-free licensing you'll find on other agencies... So why pay more?

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Why choose Videvo?

Flexible subscription options

Upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at any time throughout your subscription, even during the first month. Flexibility comes as standard with all our accounts, so you're always in control.

Simple licensing

Any content you download is yours to keep and use in future projects, even after your subscription ends. That's the basis of royalty-free licensing, which applies to all our premium content.

We're fair to our artists

Unlike many agencies, we guarantee earnings to our artists. We achieve this by working with fewer artists on more content, so their content is more visible and isn't diluted by competitors.

We're safe

We only work with established artists, with content that we know is safe to use. We're so obsessed with this, that we launched our Safe Share Commitment, which applies to all content.

Our customer support rocks!

We're rated 4.7 on TrustPilot for customer service, and our CEO has even been known to answer customer emails. We tell him he needs to get out more. If you have a problem, it's our problem too.

Money-back guarantee

We don't expect it to come to this, but if for whatever reason there's a problem with the quality of our service or content that we can't fix, then we will refund you.

Plans and pricing

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Unlimited downloads


Download limits apply

Premium videos

Premium video downloads

5 Premium downloads/month

Royalty-free licensing

No adverts

Money-back guarantee

$ 7 99 /month

Billed monthly

Premium Videos & Templates

Premium video downloads

Premium video templates

25 Premium downloads/month

Unlimited Premium downloads

Royalty-free licensing

No adverts

Money-back guarantee

$ 14 12 99 00 /month

Billed monthly

$ 144.00 Billed annually

Premium Videos, Templates, Music & SFX

Premium video downloads

Premium video templates

Premium music and sound effects

50 Premium downloads/month

Unlimited Premium downloads

Royalty-free licensing

No adverts

Money-back guarantee

$ 24 20 99 00 /month

Billed monthly

$ 240.00 Billed annually

Monthly or annual payments

Money-back guarantee

Cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

Yes, after starting your subscription you can cancel at any time. If you’re on a monthly plan, that means that you can subscribe for just 1-month should you wish to do so. Unsubscribing is easy and takes just a couple of clicks in your Account Settings area. When you cancel your subscription, your account will be downgraded to Free.

Absolutely! Any content you download during your subscription period is yours to keep hold of, and even use again in later projects if you need to. The license of the content at the point of download still applies even after your subscription ends.

Yes. If you change your mind and wish to switch to a different plan, you can do this from your Account Settings area. Any remaining downloads you may have will be carried forward to your new plan.

We don’t officially offer student discount, but if you send us a message to from your student email address, we’ll hook you up with a discount code for you to use in the checkout process.

Tax invoices are automatically generated and stored in your account area for you to download whenever you need them. If you need to update any information, please get in touch with us at, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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