Work, Sleep, Study, Play — Introducing the Videvoscape

Using high-resolution vistas, ambient tones, and relaxing music, Videvo will take your concentration to the next level — completely free. Introducing, the videvoscape.

There are many things one can do with an entire library of video assets, sound effects, and music, but the last thing to come to mind usually isn’t . . . Give it away. But, with our new multi-modal audio-visual videvoscapes, we’re doing just that.

Welcome to the first installment. We designed this relaxing odyssey using some of our favorite high-resolution video clips, our most chill music tracks, and the perfect addition of natural ambience. The idea is simple: the world is noisy, this is not.

Whether you need something to pull you away from the desk for a bit of meditation, or something to really focus your mind to get a job done, the videvoscape is the perfect complement to your day. The progression of otherworldly landscapes, the gentle audio loops, and the sounds of nature reduce the noise to something steady, something soothing — something you can stare at all day.

Work, sleep, study, play — the videvoscape is four hours of nonstop relaxation and focus. Pull it up on your phone, give it a home on your second monitor, or cast it to your TV. The videvoscape is your ultimate invitation to chill.

Welcome to episode one!

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