Ambient Chill —Think, Work, or Sleep to Hours of Pastel Sunsets

Chill to the ultimate montage of high-definition sunset videos and chill, downtempo beats in our latest Videvoscape, “Pastel Sunsets.”

From frosty mountain evenings to simmering coastal sunsets, our latest Videvoscape brings you hours of ultimate relaxation. Sleep, study, or sit with this montage of our favorite time of day, when the day slips into something a little more comfortable.

The best thing for an overactive mind is just a few minutes of rest. Cool your neurons with prismatic skies, striking visuals, and music that just makes you feel like sinking. And when you’ve massaged your brain with all of the Pastel Sunsets we have to offer, don’t worry, we’ve got Tranquil Nature and Cities by Night queued up and ready.

For more background videos, nature footage, rain footage, green screen footage, or any other footage you can dream of, check out the rest of our library for assets you can work with — or work to.