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Our Top 8 Video Editing Apps for Your Phone or Tablet

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Filmmaking can sometimes seem like an expensive hobby, which requires pricey high-end equipment and a host of video-editing software and expertise. However, as the existence of the iPhone Film Festival might suggest, everyone who has a camera in their pocket can make a film. And if everyone has a camera in their pocket, there is no reason why they shouldn’t also have video editing software in there too.  The great thing about using an App, aside from the obvious portability benefits, is that they are often simplified versions of the more complex desktop editing software available on the market. They are also a lot cheaper. As a result, they are the perfect tool for filmmakers who are just starting out, or dipping a toe into the world of videography, as well as the aficionados looking to take their hobby with them wherever they go. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite video editing apps which range in complexity and price (including, of course, some free ones) which we think are the best that the world of app development has to offer.

Adobe Premiere Clip

A stripped down version of Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe clip is all about simplicity. Offering both Automatic and Freeform editing options, with a clear, easy to navigate interface which is especially suitable for novices. But what the app may lack in complexity, it makes up for in flexibility, especially for those using Adobe already. Because projects are automatically synced to any device using the app, thanks to Adobe CreativeSync. This means that video editing projects started on one device can be resumed on another, and can even be sent to  Adobe’s desktop programs for further fine-tuning.

Available on: iOS, Android.

Price: Free, but requires an Adobe ID.

Collect Video

The Collect Video app is geared specifically towards 360° video editing. Supporting footage from any 360° video camera, it offers users the option to merge, rearrange, and change the speed of several 360° clips. It also provides the option of setting a new centre in order to alter the tone of the video project. New, unusual, and good at what it does, Collect Video is one of the best video editing apps out there for 360° and they’re giving it away for free!

Available on: iOS (Alpha); Android (Beta).

Price: Free


FilmoraGo is beginner-friendly, and perfect for personal or light video editing. It has options to include a voiceover, music, and even to reverse clips, but its most unique feature is the ability to overlay one video clip over the other, which sets it apart from all the other basic video editing apps.There is no time limit on the video you can make, works offline, and is available in 12 different languages, making it extremely accessible.  While not on par with some of the more professional-level video editing apps available, It’s a good fit for the social video posters out there, allowing users to set the ratio to 1:1 (standard Instagram format) or 16:9 (standard Youtube ratio).

Available on: Android

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


KineMaster has been praised across the board for its use of limited screen real estate to optimum advantage, and for good reason. This is probably the closest thing to desktop video editing software available as an app. It supports an unlimited number of image and text layers, four audio tracks, and two layers of video, produces videos up to 1080p, and allows for ultra precise trimming of both video and audio. This app is jam-packed with editing features, including chroma-key compositing (perfect for green-screen!) and voice-changer options to name a few. Though it does use a lot of processing power, the tradeoff is an immensely capable video editing tool.

Available on:  iOS, Android

Price: Free download; $4.99/month subscription for full features.


Magisto is an intuitive, AI-driven video maker that allows users to make professional-looking videos in minutes, for either business or personal purposes. Available on mobile and web, Magisto’s smart creates the video for you automatically. It analyzes the media you upload, combines it with the music and editing style you choose, and turns it into a cool video that tells a story. On top of its automatic capabilities, the app also allows you to control and customize your video in any way you want – reorder, trim, add text, change colors, and more. All in all, it’s an excellent tool for making wow-videos for social media without having any editing background.

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: Starting at $4.99/month


LumaFusion is bringing the efficinecy of desktop editing tools to portable screens. The app allows you to copy and paste video edits from one clip to another, meaning users don’t have to edit each clip individually. It’s also recently developed keyboard shortcuts, which are especially useful for those using a tablet keyboard. The design of this app ensures that users transitioning from desktop programs to mobile or portable screens experience as smooth a changeover as possible. In fact, the app is so geared towards the way users interact with it, that if you’re not a fan of the layout, you can change that too. And while you can’t view 360° videos in the app, you can still edit them, putting LumaFusion ahead of many of its competitors.

Available on: iOS

Price: $19.99

PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector is one of the more powerful video editing apps. While it may only have a single linear video stream, it makes up for this shortcoming with audio settings that allow you to choose whether the sound from your footage or the overlaid soundtrack takes precedence. Additional special features are the ability to rotate clios, and an in-app purchase for the option of exporting their video in 4k. As well as a wide range of effects and transitions, and allows users the option to save the project to both the device they’re using, or a MicroSD card, combatting the issue of limited storage space on phones or tablets while still being operational offline.

Available on: Android,

Price: Free (in-app purchases ranging from $0.79-$5.99).

ProCamera 8

ProCamera 8 is not strictly speaking a video editing app. It falls more into the category of an all-in-one photo and video camera app (which happens to have a few editing features). However, it’s an excellent tool for making the most out of images or footage shot on a phone or tablet. The frame rate options for video range anywhere from 24 fps to 240 fps, and allows for slow-motion videos in UHD and 4k. Users can also adjust the white balance and ensure the shot is level. It makes for a handy in-camera hack to ensure that the editing process is a little easier.

Available on: iOS

Price: $4.99


Videorama is a fairly basic video editing app. However, its most exciting feature is one that allows its users to play and add animated text and Hollywood-style VFX (anything from confetti to explosions) to their videos. For those longer projects, the app also boasts an auto-save feature for extra peace of mind. It also hast a feature that many of the more powerful apps miss: the videos can be portrait, landscape or even square, without any change to the editing options available. For those looking to add music to their videos, the app offers a wide variety of different music choices across a range of genres, or allows users to import their own tracks from iTunes. All in all, Videorama is a little basic, but probably the most fun app on this list.

Available on: iOS

Price: Free (in-app purchases from $0.99 to $2.99)

And that’s all folks! We hope that our suggestions are useful for those of you looking to edit on the go. As always, we’d love to hear your comments, suggestions and feedback about the apps we’ve included on our list.

Bonus Tool: FlexClip Video Editor

Don’t want to download and install additional software on your phone or tablet? FlexClip can work perfectly in your browser! It is one of the best and easiest video editors for beginners to create and edit videos for marketing, business, social media, travel, birthday, wedding, etc.

It offers thousands of pre-made templates that cover various topics and occasions. Also, you can start from scratch by uploading your own media files. With drag and drop ease, you can trim, cut, zoom, and adjust the speed of a video. To further enhance it, you can add text animations, overlays, transitions, filters, and animated elements that fit your desire. FlexClip also features some advanced editing tools. You can add your own voiceover and even apply picture-in-picture effects.

Available on: Browser(Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE).

Price: Free to Premium Plans