Web Review: Bensound.com

It’s not very often we post about a single website in a review, but in this case, we were so impressed with the offering that in this edition (possibly because we love free stock assets) we thought we’d give it its very own post.

Bensound.com is a website offering free stock music tracks to use in a variety of projects, including animations, slideshows, website background music, web adverts and more. One particular aspect that struck us about this site is the quality of the music tracks on offer – at a quick count, we found 70 tracks on Bensound in a variety of genres, neatly organized at the top of the site in tabs for quick navigation.

The site is owned and operated by Benjamin Tissot, a musician based in France who has been writing music for short films, commercials, corporate videos and animations, for more than ten years. Every song you’ll find on Bensound has been written by Ben, and it’s clear a lot of time and attention has gone into producing these tracks.

One thing we really liked is the transparency of the licensing options at Bensound. You can use tracks for free in a variety of projects providing you credit Bensound in your project. In addition to this you can upgrade for a small fee to extend this license to a greater variety of production types, whilst removing the requirement to credit Bensound. You can check out all the various licensing options at the License Information page at the bottom of the website.

There are two ways to license music from Bensound; you have the option to pay an annual subscription which currently stands at $129 USD with a $49 renewal fee, or alternatively you can license tracks individually. The former option will benefit users who are looking to download music regularly for simple projects without attributing Bensound. If you’re looking to license for advertising, television or film you will need to choose an extended license option for each track individually.

Overall we were very impressed not only by the quality of the tracks on offer, but the overall user experience at Bensound, and we’ll certainly be recommending to our users and to anyone who is looking for superb music tracks to compliment their production.


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