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Which Videvo Christmas stock model are YOU?

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This year, Videvo has more Christmas and seasonal stock footage than ever before! And if there’s something royalty free stock footage does well, it’s identifying every possible type of person you’ll encounter over the holiday season. 

Whether you’re spending it in the sun or in the snow, the Christmas season is a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate. Young or old, near or far, we use Christmas as an excuse to celebrate the things that matter most. But with such a range of people and seasonal festivities, you’re bound to come across countless Christmas traditions and interpretations of Christmas Cheer. This is where stock video footage comes in!

We know that one size of stock footage doesn’t fit all. We also know that royalty free stock videos are more important than ever as a result of everything that’s happened in 2020. But with so many seasonal stock clips to choose from we have just one burning question…

Which Videvo Christmas stock model are YOU?

Thirty and Flirty and Thriving

Download : Woman puts on santa hat

This Christmas Millennial doesn’t let anything get her down. Come December 1st, Christmas is the word. She has a spreadsheet to organise her X-mas shopping, writes Christmas cards in impeccable handwriting, and her house smells like pine and mulled wine. For her, Christmas means fizz, sparklers and a pared-back chic décor. Her place settings could be in a magazine and she’s impossibly good at charades.

King of The Kids’ Table

Download: Couple pull a Christmas cracker

Every family has the Christmas prankster who just never grew up. A favourite with the under-12s, this Christmas joker buys the best, noisiest gifts. The guy in this seasonal video clip has taken the role of ‘cool uncle’ to the next level. If things are too quiet, you know it’s because he’s off making mischief somewhere. Always up for a laugh, Christmas just isn’t the same without him. His favourite Christmas carol is the 12 days of Christmas, he always feeds his Brussel Sprouts to the dog. Worst of all, he genuinely enjoys Christmas cracker jokes.

DIY-dings of Comfort and Joy

Download: Happy young family getting ready for Christmas

This festive family are up and at ‘em. Every year, they chop down their own Christmas tree and pose for their own Christmas card. When they’re not having some good-old fashioned fun sledding in the snow, you can find them making snow angels, baking Christmas cookies or sipping on hot cocoa with cream and marshmallows. When they go carolling on Christmas eve, they harmonise on the high notes. Come Christmas morning, they all wear matching onesie pyjamas and never fight when they play monopoly.

Dreamin’ of a Skype Christmas

Download: Couple video call for Christmas

They’ve just learnt to use Zoom this year, and now you can’t keep them away from social media. The stars of this stock video clip have a joint Facebook account and comment on every single post your friends make.  They particularly enjoy telling their favourite supermarket Facebook pages what each of their grandchildren is up to this festive season. Usually, when you get together for the holidays, both of them slips you £10 when they think the other one isn’t looking and tells you to ‘buy something nice’.  Since they’ve gone virtual this year, you’ve received two Christmas cards (each with its own crisp note inside) in the post.

All I Want for Christmas is Booze

Download: Couple cheers friends on Christmas video call

Part of the squad from the old days, this couple have been together since you all were all teenagers. Usually, these Christmas party animals throw the most raucous Christmas bash. You don’t see each other at any time of year, but come December, it’s like you’ve never been apart. Even though you won’t all be able to gather this year, this double-act have been keeping up the seasonal festivities. These stock video models play drinking games on Zoom, share cocktail recipes on the group chat, and have covered their Christmas pudding with so much brandy that they nearly set their house on fire.

Rudolph – wait-is-that-your-name deer?

Download: Smiling man uses smartphone in winter park

That guy whose name you don’t actually know. (And if we’re honest, it doesn’t really get more stock footage than that!) He’s your eccentric aunt’s new boyfriend. She met him on a singles’ holiday in France three weeks ago and now he’s here for Christmas dinner. He seems cool, but it’s hard to tell because he’s always on the phone. All you know is that he’s an activity junkie, constantly suggesting a brisk snowy walk or a quick trip to the local Christmas market. Your aunt seems happy though, and that’s what really matters.

Scandi Claus

Download: Woman drinking coffee at home

We may not be able to hug in 2020, but hygge is definitely still on the menu. The Danish word means cosiness/wellness/contentment, and the woman in this Christmas video has taken it to heart. Not really a fan of the office Christmas party, she would rather be beside a roaring fire wearing fluffy Christmas socks with a cup of spiced mulled wine. She’s the human embodiment of bokeh fairy lights, candles, and chunky knitwear. All her Christmas gifts come from local artisans, and she wraps them in brown parcel paper with a sprig of fir and a cinnamon stick.

Wide Eyed-Wonder

Download: Mother and child playing with ribbons

It’s no exaggeration to say that this kid is obsessed with Santa Claus. Some children leave out milk, cookies, and a carrot for Rudolph. If she could, this kid would leave the whole cow, a bakery, and a vegetable patch. Ever heard the expression ‘Like a kid on Christmas morning’? Well, the girl in this royalty-free video is the kid they’re talking about. She’s made it her mission to be on the ‘nice’ list, and it seems to have paid off. Much to her parents’ dismay, she was up at the crack of dawn to open her presents under the tree. They can’t hold a grudge for long though. Her wide-eyed excitement and joy really capture the spirit of the season.

Have you found your seasonal stock video twin? Let us know which one it is on Twitter by tagging @videvostock or drop us a line via our email [email protected]videvo.net. Whatever Christmas stock video archetype you are, it’s clear that Videvo has something for everyone.  We know that when you’re spoilt for choice, however, it can be difficult to, well, choose which stock video clip you need. Never fear! We’re here to make your lives a little easier.

If you know what you’re looking for, why not check out our festive collections for stunning stock video footage of Christmas trees or Virtual Christmas cheer?  If you’re not sure what you’re after yet, consider this a fail-proof guide to our Christmas stock video library. We hope this brings you some Christmas cheer and helps you match the mood of any last-minute Christmas video project!