Hey guys, hope all is well!

As you may have noticed, we have made some changes in the last few weeks — here is a quick recap:


We have now created separate search columns for both stock video and motion graphics; this is to make it quicker and easier to find what you want, and we think it’s a definite improvement.


The forced sharing via social media is no more! We have decided that if you want to share, it’s up to you! This means you can now simply accept the TOS and download instantly.


We have added a random tab to the browse section. This is fantastic for discovering some of the gems lurking near the ends of sections that just haven’t been found much yet! We have also added over 1000 motion graphics.


These are the main changes, now here are some changes that are coming up soon:


User accounts are going to be added. This will allow users the option of signing up to Videvo and having their own user account. From this account, they will eventually be able to upload their own stock videos to the site and have their own mini profile homepage with all of their uploads and statistics.


These user accounts will also link into the forum, allowing users to participate in discussions about a wide range of relevant topics.We will be doing giveaways and competitions so keep your eyes open!


The home page will also be released very soon. It’s a bit overdue, but we promise that it’ll look cool!


That’s it for now, take care and enjoy the free stock!