Hi folks,

So along with the new website launch we will also be offering tutorials, which will be appearing under the “tutorials” section, at the top there (funnily enough). We’re going to be delivering tutorials in 2 formats, both in video form and text form. By doing this it means you can work at your own pace – if you’re speedy and you know your way around the software, you’ll want to watch the video. If you’re a bit unsure or you’re new, you can follow the step by step text version.

Tutorials will be focussing on a number of topics, from basic editing and motion graphics to more advanced techniques. After Effects tutorials and Premiere tutorials will be the themes we’ll be dealing with. We’ll also be doing some work in Final Cut and 3Ds Max if you’re lucky! We’ll actually be using a lot of the clips from the Videvo library as examples to demonstrate certain techniques – luckily for you guys it’s all free!

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like covered do get in touch at hello@videvo.net

Speak soon,