Hi guys,

So after much anticipation and hard work the new site is finally ready, so here it is! We launched last night at around 18:30 EST. Many of you will have used the previous site for some time and I hope the new design comes as a welcome change. There are a number of new features we have added, such as the sort by feature, allowing you to find the most popular clips of the day, week, month and all time! The blog area has also been improved, as before it was looking a little bit sorry for itself. We’ve also improved the site’s overall speed, which has made a huge difference. But the change we’re most pleased with is the homepage (which before didn’t really exist!). Here you are now able to get a “birds-eye-view” of the site, with recent and popular clips as well as recent blog posts and a twitter feed.

As well as the new design we are also working behind the scenes to bring you more great stock footage and motion graphics. We currently have over 1300 clips on the site, and we’re going to be going on a real drive to improve on this. We’ve just invested in some new kit, so we’ll be shooting with that over the next few weeks and hopefully adding some great clips to the site as a result (including some super close-up macro shots!). We’ll be making more changes to the site in the coming weeks, so please check back as I promise it will be worth it – in particular we will be posing tutorials on video production and animation techniques, so you can get the most out of the footage you download from Videvo.

As always you can email your suggestions and opinions to hello@videvo.net and we’ll do our best to help out.

Catch up soon,

Tom and the Team