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Green Screen: How to Chroma key with Adobe Premiere Pro

What is chroma key? Chroma keying, green screen, and chroma compositing are all words for the same thing; which is separating and layering different videos or images to create a final composition that is made up of these media....

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Free Stock Footage Update: New York City

We’re back with another update to the Videvo library and this time it’s a big one – the Big Apple to be precise. Yes, it’s New York City. We’re delighted to offer 134 brand new clips of the city...

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New! Free HD Stock Footage – Paris

  20+ Free Video Clips of Paris, France Exclusively at Here at Videvo, we are happy to bring you over 20 new free stock footage clips featuring the gorgeous city of Paris, France. As usual, all of the...

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Free Stock Footage: Why is a Great Educational Resource

Now I disliked school as much as the next person (even though media was probably one of my better subjects), but one thing we’ve noticed since we launched Videvo almost a year ago, is the large number of people...

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The progression of HD Stock Video and Video Making Techniques

The effective use of HD stock footage clip-scan be a very useful tool in film making and video production. With the rise of YouTube and the home video maker, stock footage has grown in popularity over the years, which...

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