13 Jan

Free Stock Footage Update: New York City

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We’re back with another update to the Videvo library and this time it’s a big one – the Big Apple to be precise. Yes, it’s New York City. We’re delighted to offer 134 brand new clips of the city that never sleeps, shot in a variety of locations by our dedicated cameraman and filmmaker, Maarten Roos. Here are a selection of some of our favourites!


Statue of Liberty1

Statue of Liberty2

Night Traffic Bokeh NYC Skyline3 Statue of Liberty3 NYC Skyline2 Timessquare1 NYC Skyline1


BrooklynBridge 911Memorial Wall Street




These free stock clips feature shots of famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Centre, Wall Street, Times Square, and many more. Maarten did a fantastic job of capturing the key landmarks that have become icons in their own right. Additionally, there are a number of clips that capture the atmosphere of the city, including traffic, people commuting, tourism and nighttime traffic shots.

All these clips were shot on a Panasonic GH4, which allowed Maarten to shoot in multiple locations in a discreet fashion, capturing shots of people and places that would usually be tricky with larger equipment.

We hope you enjoy this selection of clips from New York, and as ever we continue to update the Videvo library on a weekly basis, so be sure to check back for more updates.



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05 Jun

Free Stock Footage – Why Videvo.net is a great educational resource

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Now I disliked school as much as the next person (even though media was probably one of my better subjects), but one thing we’ve noticed since we launched Videvo almost a year ago, is the large number of people using the site as an educational resource. Stock footage is a fantastic tool for learning – it gives students the power to experiment and learn without the need of going and shooting the footage themselves (although I would recommend any fledging media student to learn to shoot as well as edit). For teachers, it’s a great timesaver — you can simply download clips from various sites to use as demonstration clips for editing, colour correcting, image stabilisation, track matte editing and so on. But wait! Isn’t that expensive after a while? You need a variety of clips, but those clips cost money, and it’s usually not cheap either; I doubt your students are going to help you out with that cost.


This is where Videvo.net comes into its own. It gives you the option to access more than 1200 video clips, all royalty free, and completely free.

What’s more, you can access these clips at the click of the button — there’s no complicated subscription plan, which means your students can access the site instantly and download the required clips. This can all be done anywhere with an internet connection, which makes it possible to set students homework based around editing and post-production, with a vast resource at their fingertips.

We’re committed to adding more clips every day, and as the stock library grows the more useful it will become for many people. The key challenge we face is getting the word out there that this kind of resource exists! So if you are a teacher (or anyone else for that matter) and you enjoy the site, be sure to tell your friends about us and our library of free stock footage! /Shameless plug.

And as always you can contact us with any comments and suggestions for the site. We write back to everyone who contacts us, so come and say hi.

Speak again soon,




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12 Dec

How we license our footage on Videvo.net

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There can often be a lot of confusion with how stock footage clips are licensed, and there of plenty of horror stories about copyright claims and litigation cases due to misunderstandings. Videvo.net is a completely free service, offering its users 100% free stock footage for any project, commercial or non-commercial. However, we strictly forbid our users from sharing our clips in any way other than on Videvo.net.

So how do we license our free stock footage clips on Videvo? Well there 3 types of licnese:

“Videvo Standard License”:
This is our most common license, and states that anyone can use any stock footage clip, for any project without the need to attribute the original author of the stock footage clip. The only restriction is that users cannot redistribute the clips themselves, through methods such as file sharing, emails, or direct transfer from computer to computer.

“Videvo Attribution License”:
This is similar to our Standard License in that anyone can download any clip for any project, but they must attribute the original author of the clip. The end user may not redistribute any clips under this license in any form. This is a common license structure for users that have added their own clips to the site, and require some recognition for their efforts.

“Creative Commons 3.0”:
This is similar to the Videvo Attribution License, but in this case you end user may redistribute the downloaded clip. However, they must attribute the original author in all productions as well as any distribution channels the clip has passed through.

When a user uploads a free stock footage clip to the website, they have a choice of which licensing option to choose from. If you have any questions about our licensing please get in touch at info@videvo.net