There can often be a lot of confusion with how stock footage clips are licensed, and there of plenty of horror stories about copyright claims and litigation cases due to misunderstandings. is a completely free service, offering its users 100% free stock footage for any project, commercial or non-commercial. However, we strictly forbid our users from sharing our clips in any way other than on

So how do we license our free stock footage clips on Videvo? Well there 3 types of licnese:

“Videvo Standard License”:
This is our most common license, and states that anyone can use any stock footage clip, for any project without the need to attribute the original author of the stock footage clip. The only restriction is that users cannot redistribute the clips themselves, through methods such as file sharing, emails, or direct transfer from computer to computer.

“Videvo Attribution License”:
This is similar to our Standard License in that anyone can download any clip for any project, but they must attribute the original author of the clip. The end user may not redistribute any clips under this license in any form. This is a common license structure for users that have added their own clips to the site, and require some recognition for their efforts.

“Creative Commons 3.0”:
This is similar to the Videvo Attribution License, but in this case you end user may redistribute the downloaded clip. However, they must attribute the original author in all productions as well as any distribution channels the clip has passed through.

When a user uploads a free stock footage clip to the website, they have a choice of which licensing option to choose from. If you have any questions about our licensing please get in touch at