Under Cover of Darkness

Dangerous, Intimidating, Swaggering
Drama & Film Scores,Rock | Defiant, Action, Proud, Bold, Intense, Competition, Thriller, Confident, Arrogant, Vocal, Anticipating, Determined, Achievement, Hostile, Epic, Jingle, Suspense, Brave, Ambitious, Adventure, Threatening, Strong, Aggressive

Duration: 00:18

Tempo: 90 BPM

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Genre: Drama & Film Scores, Rock

Mood: Achievement, Action, Adventure, Aggressive, Ambitious, Anticipating, Arrogant, Bold, Brave, Competition, Confident, Defiant, Determined, Epic, Hostile, Intense, Jingle, Proud, Strong, Suspense, Threatening, Thriller, Vocal

Instrumentation: Electric Guitar, Orchestra, Vocal Chorus

Album: Epic Film Trailers

Duration: 00:18

Album: Epic Film Trailers

Version: Stinger fps

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