Here are some frequently asked questions from our members. If you still can’t find an answer to your own question, please email us at or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Are the free clips on Videvo really free?

Yes! The clips marked as free on are completely free to download — you can download unlimited free video clips and use these in your projects. The only thing we ask is that you share your experience via social media, although this is not compulsory.

Do I have to register for an account?

Currently there is no need to register for a free account to download free video clips from Videvo. If you do decide to register, you can enjoy added benefits such as contributing your own content to the site, and updates on our latest free stock footage. What could be better?

I’m confused about your licences, please can you explain?

This is a very common question. License information is available on the clip download page in the top right (above keywords). Right now we have 3 different licenses for clips on Videvo, each has it’s own restrictions:

Videvo Standard License: You may use these clips on a Royalty-Free basis, and you are not required to credit the author of the clip. You may not re-upload these clips elsewhere, or make them available for download as stock clips.

Videvo Attribution License: You may use these clips on a Royalty-Free basis, but you must provide a credit to the author of the clip. You may not re-upload these clips elsewhere, or make them available for download as stock clips.

Creative Commons 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0): Please refer to the CC BY 3.0 page on the Creative Commons website, located here

How do I credit the author of a clip?

If the license that applies to your clip requires you to credit the author, you can do so in the following format:

“Footage courtesy of <Author Name>, hosted by”

You must credit the author in your final project (either in the end credits, or as text overlaying the footage), as well as any supporting documents that appear alongside the finished project, for example in the description of a YouTube channel. For Creative Commons clips, please refer to the CC guidelines.

Can I use the clips in commercial projects?

That depends. If a clip is marked as “Editorial Use Only”, you can not use it for commercial or promotional purposes. Otherwise you are free to use the clip in any project, commercially or non-commercially. You will find this information under “Usage” on the clip download page, just above the keywords section at the top of the page. If it says “All projects and media” you’re cleared for commercial use.

Are clips on Videvo copyright-free?

No. Whilst we offer completely free stock videos for any project the copyright belongs to the author of the clip. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are granted a non-exclusive licence to use the video clip in your own projects for an unlimited amount of time.

Can I contribute my own clips to the site?

Yes. You can use our handy upload feature to upload your own clips. To do this, register for a free account, then click the upload button on the homepage or the top bar and you can be uploading in seconds! All clips must be verified by a moderator before they are published on the site – we try to moderate clips within 7 days.

How can you afford to give away free footage?

We earn revenue from affiliate partnerships and also from our own subscription packages. We reinvest the profits into building a better user experience and new stock content.

What is Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro?

These are 2 brand new services from Videvo, allowing you to access more stock footage and stock audio…. a lot more.

The Videvo Plus subscription gives you access to 20,000 additional stock footage clips, extended licensing on existing free content, and higher quality downloads.

The Videvo Pro subscription gives you access to everything in the Plus account, and on top of this, access to 100,000 sound effects and music tracks.

Find out more about our subscription packages by heading to

Why am I redirected to Shutterstock after clicking on a clip?

As mentioned above, we run adverts on Videvo to help keep the site running. One form of advertising we currently operate is showing premium video clips from one of our partners, Shutterstock. If you’re not interested in buying clips from Shutterstock, please ignore the clips at the top of the browse and search pages, which are marked as “sponsored by Shutterstock”.

Can I advertise on Videvo?

Sure. As long as the content you are advertising is non-offensive and family friendly. For more information head to

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by using our contact form on the contact page or by emailing us at

Still Confused?

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