We’ve Been Hunted!

Today we woke up to find we had been “hunted” on Product Hunt! Which of course made us very happy.

If you’re visiting from Product Hunt, welcome to Videvo! Have a look around and if you’d like to leave feedback or have suggestions on how we can improve the site leave a comment on the Videvo Product Hunt page or hit us up on social media – twitter.com/videvo or facebook.com/videvo.

If you’re not visiting from Product Hunt, you may be rather confused as to what all the fuss is about. Product Hunt is a website dedicated to finding the newest and most exciting new web products from around the world. To keep up to date with Product Hunt posts you can login using your Twitter account to receive regular email updates on the latest products that have been hunted.

Thanks to Kevin William David (@kwdinc) for the hunt, it’s hugely appreciated.

See you soon.