Videvo Contributor Profiles

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Hey guys.

Over the next couple of months, we are going to start producing videvo contributor profiles for Videvo’s top contributors.

Our aim with this initiative is to let other people find out a bit more about the people who’s work they are downloading.

We will be conducting a short interview with each candidate for a profile, where we will aim to learn as much as possible about them in the given time. We will then use that information to write up a post explaining who they are, what they do, and any other information that they may want to have included. Contributor profiles we be appearing under the blog section as individual posts, so this is a great opportunity to gain some exposure to your website or brand.

We feel that these profiles will be beneficial for users who are new to Videvo, and also for you veterans out there! They will let you see exactly how the videos you are downloading were created, using what gear and what experience. This should then broaden your own horizons, after taking their knowledge on board you can incorporate new tricks and techniques  in your own productions to bring your work to an even higher standard!

If you are already a contributor on Videvo and would like us to write a post about you, you can get in touch by emailing and we’ll help you out!

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