The Sounds of Summer: 23 Free Assets for Podcasters

These 23 free podcasting assets will bring excitement and polish to your next episode.

Summer is almost here. That means beaches, trains, airplanes, and commutes full of podcast episodes. If you want to make your podcast stand out, bring a little summer excitement into your mix with these 23 podcasting assets — all completely free!

Sound Effects

Free podcasting sound effects
Podcasts can become rather monotonous. Punch up your content with a sound effect here and there. (Image via Videvo.)

First up in our menagerie of free summer sounds is, well . . . sounds. Every podcast needs a little something now and then to punch up the format. When you’re working purely in audio, things can become a little monotonous (literally — everything can start to sound the same). That’s why the savvy podcaster will toss in a sound effect or two, right when you need it most.

Here are a few we think you’ll find useful!

A Little Something in the Air

Music can set the mood for your podcast episode faster than anything else. If you want to bring special attention to your content, include some music that lets the listener know what to expect. (Image via Videvo.)

Theme songs are one thing — they’re usually a repeating tune that listeners can expect at the beginning (and perhaps the end) of every episode. These songs are familiar, and they help us ease into and out of the podcast mindset.

But sometimes, you might need something more — something with a little je ne sais quoi. A bit of jazz or some gentle Classical tunes, even in the middle of the episode, can help introduce an intermission, change the topic of conversation, or even just give your listener a break.

Here are a few of our favorites from the Videvo library — all yours, all free.

How About Some Company

Free podcasting assets
Podcasts, like television episodes before them, can benefit from “people tracks.” The most familiar is probably the laugh track, which we’ve included below. (Image via Videvo.)

Let’s face it: podcasts can be lonely. Usually, you’re listening to it during your commute or perhaps while you’re exercising — activities that are inherently solitary. This means that you have to define the listening experience for yourself. Is something funny? Should you be angry? Is what you just heard worth celebrating?

That’s where these tracks come in. Ranging from the classic laugh track to the chants of an angry mob, these tracks bring a few more people into your listening experience.

The Elements

The sounds of the wild can bring raw emotion into an otherwise-sterile podcast episode. (Image via Videvo.)

Music is great, sound effects are great, but what if you need something a bit more elemental? How can you intone the power of nature when the only tool at your disposal is a tiny, digital recording?

Well, you can fake it. Our reactions to the sounds of the wild are the product of humans throughout history learning what those sounds mean — and what they should do about them. All we have to do is hear them, and our instincts take over.

Whether you want peals of thunder, lashing rain, or screaming wind (or all three!) we’ve got some tracks set aside for just this purpose.

Don’t Forget the Trailer

Trailers are an important marketing tool. They allow you to create excitement and share the topic of your podcast quickly, without asking potential listeners to sit through an entire episode. (Image via Videvo.)

Finally, don’t forget the trailer. The most successful podcasts have trailers (many of them) that might vary throughout the year for special episodes or to advertise special guests. Here, you’re turning the sounds of your podcast into something we can see, so make it exciting!

Cover image via Videvo.

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