Summer Mixology — 21 Free Filmmaking Assets

Get the jump on your summer projects with these free mix-and-match video assets.

Pairing the right clips with the right songs and the right sound effects can be time-consuming. We’ve done the legwork for you with these six custom cocktails that bring video, audio, and effects together in one convenient package — completely free.

Download them all, and try a little mixology of you own.

Summer Nights

Sunset beer - free video assets
Creating the slow, relaxed feeling of a summer evening needs the right combination of clips and audio.

Summer slows everything down. Long, warm evenings with casual company in your favorite outdoor space — we look forward to it all year. Bring that spirit of relaxation and warmth to your project with this custom-curated cocktail of free video assets.

Mixing It Up

The beach is the quintessential summer location — and surfers are among its most iconic visitors.

The right video-audio mix means more than simply finding things that “go” together. A successful mix is about nuance, texture, and juxtaposition. That’s why we’ve paired slow-motion video with high-intensity music and drawn-out sound effects. The result is a multi-layered tonality that adds a signature touch to familiar “summer” territory.

Room to Move

Girl snorkeling - free video assets
To create sequences that truly transport your viewer, leave some space for them. There needs to be room for your viewer to look around and listen. Try to force too much into the scene, and you’ll just push them out.

Summer is the season of adventure. Clear skies, warm water, and free time all add up to the kinds of experiences that lift people out of their dayjobs and transport them into the world of your project. The key to creating this kind of immersion is to not overdo it. An uncomplicated visual shot, like the one above, complements a more sophisticated track — and the reverse would also be true. However, if you try to cram too much into both your audio and your video, you’re liable to just make a bunch of noise.

Rewrite the Rules

Beach fire - free video assets
Visual and audio elements don’t have to match directly. You can rewrite the rules by thinking beyond each element individually and considering what sort of wholistic experience you want to communicate.

The right music can really help you speak to your audience — especially when you’re not using any dialogue. It’s easy for a viewer to recognize the visual elements in your video, but knowing just what they should do with them (or how they should feel about it is more difficult). Here, we’ve brought the warmth of a jazz track to an otherwise bleak, desaturated scene to sell the idea that the fire is more than just a warm thing for these actors to stare at. It’s catalyzing an emotional experience, and we get to be a part, thanks to the music.

Leaving Room for the Viewer

Beach yoga - free video assets
The best fantasies are those that leave room for the viewer. The woman’s identity in this clip is obscured by the light, and the intensity of the sun and the contrast on the waves creates a dramatic environment we can recognize, even if don’t see it in person very often.

Summers aren’t all about adventure and excitement. They’re also a chance to reconnect with ourselves and find some peace. When you want to transport your audience out of their everyday lives, try not to use elements that are overly familiar. In this Videvo cocktail, we see a woman doing yoga, which, yes, is a familiar element — however, the harsh silhouette reduces her to an idea instead of a recognizable person. The harsh contrast between the waves and the sun is visually otherworldy, and with just a nudge from the right song, we’ve created a fantasy that’s relatable, even if it isn’t something we see every day.

Don’t Muddy the Middle

Waves crashing on beach - free video assets
Subtle audio can enhance powerful video. We don’t want to watch the clip in silence, but a relaxing track disarms powerful visuals and invites to get closer to what we’re seeing.

Since we’re spending so much time on the beach in this roundup, we wanted to invert the equation. In this combination, it’s the music that takes a breath, and the video takes a turn center-stage. Such a minimal audio track juxtaposed against such an active and powerful video clip calls attention to the extremes of both, rather than creating a muddy middle.

Grab Bag — Mix and Match

Woman in a hat on the beach - free video assets
The only way to master your own mixology is to grab some clips, some songs, and some sounds, and starting creating your own sequences.

And now, we invite you to try some summer mixology of your own. Here are three clips we think embody the spirit of summer — all they need is a track and some sounds to round out the sequence. Take a look at the music library, and experiment with a few different tracks to see how you can change the viewing experience. Then, play with some sound effects. Mixing music and sound is a great way to add extra depth and dimension to your sequences.

Cover image video clip available here.

The “Summer Mixology” cover image.

And if you need any video editing templates to complement your summer mixology projects, we’ve got you covered!