8 Reasons to Love Videvo Stock Video Footage

It would be a little weird if the staff at Videvo didn’t like videos. That much is obvious. It warms our little stock video-obsessed hearts, however, that everyone else loves video too. From entertainment to education and e-commerce, people love video.

Zenith Media predicts the average person will watch over 100 minutes of online video a day in 2021. People share videos 1,200% more than text and links combined (Forbes). Videos make consumers more likely to make a purchase. They also drive traffic to websites and followers to social media profiles (Animoto). Viewers remember a whopping 95% of the information they watch in a video. (Social Media Week)

Yet with such positive outcomes comes pressure. Using video marketing or video assets to your advantage can be overwhelming. 13% of video marketers say they don’t use video because they lack the time. 20% think making videos is too expensive, while 17% don’t know where to start. (Wyzowl).

With Valentine’s Day on our minds, we’re looking to spread a little love. Specifically, for stock video. Recently, stock video, motion graphics, stock music, and stock sound effects have all undergone a glow-up. That is why we know that our stock video footage (and more!) holds the answer to your (video-related) anxieties.

With these eight reasons to love Videvo stock footage, you’ll never put off using video again!

1. It’s Not Just For Christmas

We have stock videos for every occasion. Whether it’s Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day that’s got you longing for fireworks, we’ve got a video clip for that. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, Videvo are celebrating with you.And if you’re not sure where to start? Never fear! Our carefully curated collections of stock videos offer you the very best of the bunch. If you need more than one shot for your project, collections are perfect for finding complementary stock video clips. This helps your project flow and gives it a professional edge.

2. Model Release? Sorted.

Imagine this. It’s the day of your big video shoot. You have booked the studio. The camera operator has set up her tripod. You’ve spent ages preparing your shot list… but the actor you hired has called in sick. Or worse, they’ve refused to give you permission to use their image on social media. You’re no lawyer. You’re just a video producer with a deadline who is hoping to go viral. What on earth do you do?

With Videvo’s premium stock video footage, we’ve done the work for you. We have clearly labelled all our clips with model releases. A model release means that the person featured in the video has permitted their image to be used. You can use their likeness in any project, any time, anywhere. Phew!

3. Location Release? Sorted.

If you think usage permissions for people are complicated, location permissions can be a minefield. Where you can and can’t film without written permission varies from country to country. Sometimes the rules can even be different depending on the city, or whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Now, you could spend your precious time researching who the relevant authority is. Then, you might do some sums and figure out if you have money in the budget to shell out for a permit. That is, if you even get it.

Or… you can log into Videvo.net and search for footage of the location or setting of your choice. Doesn’t that sound easy?

4. It Doesn’t Break the Bank

Money on your mind? We’ve got your back. At $4.99, $14.99 and $24.99 / month, we offer one of the best value stock video subscriptions on the market based on your needs. It gets better, though. Whichever subscription you choose, we always offer an unlimited number of free stock video downloads. You can change your mind as often as you like without breaking a sweat or busting your budget.

5. It’s Up to Speed

We’re on-trend. It’s our job to know what shots will be popular with audiences. Every year, Shutterstock releases spookily accurate insights into the latest visual trends. However, at Videvo, knowing what’s in goes on all year round. We’re always looking out for popular subjects, styles and themes to keep your projects looking fresh.

Chances are if a clip is popular, it’s popular for a reason. There’s something to be said for the wisdom of crowds, so why not cash in on global insights? Check out our popular clips for enduring trends, or scope out our new uploads for the very latest thing.

6. It’s Global

Budget, travel restrictions, or limited time may mean you can’t hop on a plane to Hong Kong or Bali. With access to great stock videos, this is no reason to compromise on aesthetics. Our stock video footage comes from all over the world.

But this isn’t your average holiday home-movie. (Though we do provide video clips of the most Instagrammable spots worldwide). Our travel videos range from the sublime to the streets. To use, the everyday is as video-worthy as the once-in-a-lifetime.

We even boldly show where (almost) no man has gone before. As well as videos from the four corners of the world, we have footage of, well, the planet itself. From Space!

7. It’s Shot and Edited by the Pros

Stock footage is shot and edited by consummate professionals. More often than not, it’s shot by specialists. That means your free drone footage was probably filmed by a licensed drone operator. Those skateboarding clips from Venice Beach that you love? Shot by a seasoned action videographer. That stunning city time-lapse that will take your video to the next level? You can bet it was not the videographer’s first rodeo they set up that shot.

Stock video footage comes perfectly framed, with no awkward camera shakes or fumbles. It’s been correctly exposed and colour-corrected, so you can drop it straight into a video project. In short, you’re getting high-end footage for the fraction of the price of a bespoke shot.

8. It’s Customisable.

We provide the quality you need to customise your stock video downloads. We have handy and intuitive green screen clips. We also have a step by step blog article for ‘how to chroma key.’ Or, if video is more your thing, watch this handy tutorial to make the most of our chroma key stock videos.

That said, the possibilities don’t begin and end with green screen stock footage. With a few simple tweaks, you can make your chosen stock clip look older than it is. You can even make it look like a blockbuster film, or take a scene from day to night. Why not read more about some ways you can customise your stock video footage?

We may love stock footage, but we also love hearing from you. Let us know what your favourite thing about using stock videos is! You can tag us on Twitter @videvo, Instagram @videvostock or drop us a line at hello@videvo.net

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