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20+ Free Video Clips of Paris, France

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Here at Videvo, we are happy to bring you over 20 new free stock footage clips featuring the gorgeous city of Paris, France. As usual, all of the clips are available for 1080p HD download and are royalty free. We hope that you enjoy this collection, and you can expect even more free stock footage clips of Paris, and additional beautiful cities, to come!

On-Location Shooting


All of our free Paris stock footage was shot courtesy of Maarten Roos, who dedicated days to seeking out Paris’ most famous and beautiful spots. Lucky for Maarten, film crews of less than 10 people do not require permits from the Paris Film Office, so he was able to capture all of his shots with ease. Being June, it was quite hot in Paris, but the sunshine (and stunning sunsets!) allowed for some great footage.

Thanks to Maarten, we can now offer you free stock video clips of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Trimphe, Sacre-Coeur, and more. Maarten is an independent filmmaker who has also shot some awesome footage for us in Lisbon and Amsterdam, with more to come.

Key Paris Landmarks


This batch of free Paris stock footage was all shot on a Sony EXI, and although this camera is quite old now when compared with Sony’s latest range of cameras, it still has the ability to create some stunning images in full HD resolution, at near broadcast quality. Sony EX1s use three ½-inch TrueHD sensors to produce HD footage as well as being known for their excellent control over depth of field and notable low-light capabilities.

Additionally, Maarten was sure to make good use of his wide-angled lens adapter, a 16Ö9 inc. EXII 0.6x. This lens was crucial in order for him to capture Paris’ large landmarks in their entirety. We know that those seeking stock clips often require wide shots of important landscapes or features in a city, so we were sure that your free stock footage of Notre Dame, the River Seine, and more all contained the views and angles you most likely wanted.

Subtle Color Grading


With the exception of a few minor adjustments, most of our clips consist of images straight out of the camera. It may be hard to believe that the above still frame is raw material with hardly any editing, but these free video clips are meant to show off Paris’ natural beauty all on their own.

Most importantly, we know that many users choose to add their own unique looks to stock clips in post-production, so our free footage contains minimal color correction to maintain the desired natural appearance.

*Click on any of the images featured above to download the stock footage clips in full 1920×1080 HD resolution.

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