Eyes in the Sky — 15 Free Aerial Stock Footage Clips

Drone footage can add production value to a video project, or it can make websites and backgrounds pop. Here are 15 free drone stock footage clips.

Everybody knows that drone shots make a project look good. The added production value is undeniable, but there’s more to capturing excellent drone shops than renting a quad-copter and hitting record. That’s why we collect clips from the pros.

Rather than stumbling around in mosquito-ridden jungles and freezing mountain ranges, simply help yourself to some of the best drone footage clips available in the Videvo library — completely free.

Check it out . . .

Urban Jungle

Drone shot of a cityscape at night.
Image via Videvo.

There’s no better way to capture the scale of urban sprawl than with a high-elevation drone shots. Whether you’re looking for some B-roll to elevate your video project, or a modern cityscape video to make your website feel more cosmopolitan, nothing says world-class like aerial stock footage. Here are three of our favorite clips, completely free!

Out to Sea

Drone footage of a beach.
Image via Videvo.

It’s difficult to really see the big picture when you’re looking at the sea. Waves break and roll in an endless swell, but the problem is that you can’t see their endless progression. From the air, oceans come alive. Wave after wave rolls steadily onto our favorite beaches, reminding us to stop, think, and breathe.

Whether you’re looking for calm, drama, or even just exotic natural landscape videos, nothing gets the job done like aerial stock footage beach clips. Here are three of our favorites, totally free!

Over the Hills

Drone footage of tree-covered hills.
Image via Videvo.

Sometimes, a project just needs that epic feel. One of the best ways to pull this off is with a sweeping views of sprawling mountain shots and forest views Droves over land convey size and scope — whether that’s a background for your project’s characters to explore, or simply a sense of adventure to bring clients and website visitors into your brand experience.

No matter your need, we have you covered here with a few of our favorite free drone shots soaring through the hills (just picture how zen these would look paired with some rain sound effects!).

Through the Fields

Drone shot of rice paddies.
Image via Videvo.

Everybody loves a nice, plowed field, right? Agriculture is a universal human experience, and drone shots that convey these massive agricultural landscapes are a great way to communicate achievement, hard work, and ambition. However, walking through a field with a camera will just get you a bunch of plants in the lens. You need a soaring, overhead POV.

Check out three of our favorite free aerial stock footage shots of agriculture.

Bonus Clips

We talked about how these free clips above are perfect for background videos. If you are looking for backgrounds for your website pages, why not also consider animated backgrounds?

We also invite you to have a look at these three freebies, all straight from the Videvo catalog — all ready for your latest project. Completely free!

Free drone footage of Taipei City at night.
Free footage of reel-to-reel film.
Free footage of panning through crops.

Cover image via Videvo.

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