8 Websites Every Filmmaker Should Know About

As you’re probably aware there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites and blogs out there dedicated to filmmaking and video production. It goes without saying then that choosing which ones are worth following can be somewhat of a challenge, and it’s important to make sure your chosen resources are created by credible authors.

To get you started, here are 8 of our favourite selected by the team here at Videvo to keep you occupied for some time – sorry if you were about to embark on something productive!

In no particular order:

No Film School – www.nofilmschool.com

nofilmschool banner

Founded by Ryan Koo, NFS is one of the best DIY film production websites on the web, jam-packed with tutorials and cool tips and tricks for making the most out of your gear. Alongside this great content, there are articles on current industry events and other topics relevant to film production. This is definitely one to check up on frequently.

You can keep up to date with Ryan on Twitter @ryanbkoo

Cinema 5D – www.cinema5d.com


Cinema 5D has been around for a long time. Primarily a review site for the latest gear and software, the site also features a forum (just this week moved back from planet5d.com) which makes it a great destination for a video maker with a keen appetite for strong blog content and interactive forum discussion. Additionally, the team at C5D are going to be focussing on churning out reviews of cinematography cameras, HDSLRs and accessories – so a great place to visit before you make the next big gear purchase!

Keep track of the latest C5D posts on Twitter @c5dnews

Learning DSLR Video – www.learningdslrvideo.com


Learning DSLR Video features practical, hands-on advice for cinematographers and editors. The bulk of the information is served up as a series of YouTube videos, with the host and site creator Dave Dugdale doing a great job at delivering the important information in an easy to follow presentation style. Topics include tips and techniques, gear reviews/comparisons and more.

Keep up to date with Dave on Twitter @Dugdale

Philip Bloom – www.philipbloom.net


Bloom began his filmmaking career at Sky, working all over the world as a cameraman. Now, he works out of London as a filmmaker and producer who also has a site offering high-quality tutorials and honest reviews designed to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase. His blog features a mixture of non-biased, honest reviews as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your gear.

Follow Philip on Twitter @philipbloom

Film Riot – www.revision3.com/filmriot


A series of videos hosted by the hugely entertaining Ryan Connolly, Film Riot delivers some awesome advice on production techniques and visual effects as well as honest gear reviews.  Overall, Film Riot is a great resource if you want to kick back, relax and absorb some truly invaluable industry tips.

Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryan_connolly

Reel SEO – www.reelseo.com


Something slightly different from the rest, Reel SEO focusses on marketing your videos to an online audience, which is something that is often overlooked if you’re trying to gain exposure for your productions. As well as marketing advice, they offer insights into current trends, tips and tricks for distribution and interviews with thought leaders in the industry. Overall this is an absolute goldmine of a resource for any filmmaker serious about getting their content noticed.

Follow Reel SEO’s latest posts on Twitter @reelseo

The Black and Blue – www.theblackandblue.com


Founded by Evan Luzi, the Black and Blue features some great tips and advice for any aspiring filmmaker. Evan is a camera assistant working in the industry and uses his wealth of knowledge to provide valuable insight to a job role that is a mystery to many – particularly useful if you’re a cameraman starting out. They’ve just had a site redesign too, so this great content is now accompanied by a rather sexy design, which we like a lot.

Follow Evan on Twitter @evanluzi

Videocopilot – www.videocopilot.net


The brainchild of Andrew Kramer, Videocopilot is a truly legendary resource if you’re interested in motion graphics, specifically After Effects. The site is focussed around video tutorials, which are delivered as a series of screencasts by Andrew, with a heavy focus on visual effects and software plugins – if you’re a filmmaker with an interest in action sequences this site is for you. As well as the tutorials, there is an active forum for filmmaking and animation advice, so check it out.

You can follow what Andrew and the team are up to on Twitter @videocopilot

InVideo – www.invideo.io

InVideo is a great video editing software that can be used for transforming the video and audio bits of the film into awesome trailers. This video editor is perfect for media companies, film studios, individuals who are into editing, and so on. With the help of this software, you can edit wonderful videos and create short movie trailers, and utilize their outro and intro maker.. The best part of the software is that it is designed for everyone starting from beginners to professionals.

That concludes our 8 favourite filmmaking websites. I hope you find at least some of these as useful as we do.

See you soon!