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  • Filming the DMZ – The World’s Most Hostile Border

Filming the DMZ – The World’s Most Hostile Border

Recently, we asked cameraman and editor Kiril Dobrev to film for us in South Korea, including the DMZ.  What he captured there was a library of footage of the DMZ, one of the most heavily monitored areas of the world. We...

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Free HD Stock Video Downloads – Amsterdam, Netherlands

  HD Stock Footage | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Free Downloads! 20 new clips from That’s right! Videvo has just added 20 brand new stock video clips of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Last week we highlighted our collection of free HD video clip downloads...

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Videvo Stock Shooting in Italy

Coming Soon: Clips From Italy! Hi Guys, apologies for the lack of blog posts recently — I’ve been otherwise engaged over in Italy. I travelled along with Videvo member Izzy in order to work on a documentary, but naturally—...